Handmade With Love

In the Adelaide Hills



Little Geraldine has a very strong connection to the environment and securing a sustainable future for all generations. As such, we are always working towards long term improvements to our sustainable practices.

Everything on our site is hand made in small batches by us in Nairne, SA. Our home base is solar powered, as is the running of all our machines that help keep the business going.

We always make sure we are producing high quality, long lasting products that will keep for a lifetime. If you do decide that you no longer wish to keep your earrings and are not sure what to do with them, we are always happy to take them off your hands. Let us take that responsibility on ourselves so that they don't end up in landfill.

We also retain all of our acrylic offcuts and have plans in the future to reuse them in projects once we have the means to purchase the required equipment.

We are very committed to using Australian suppliers where it makes sense. All of our acrylic, packaging and marketing supplies are purchased from Australian Business.

We always try to use as little plastic as possible and reuse wherever we can.Β All of our packaging can be either recycled or composted, depending on the guidelines in your city.

Tissue Paper and paper tape:

  • Purchased from environmentally responsible suppliers and compostable or recyclable

Marketing Material and Cards:

  • Purchased from an environmentally responsible supplier and recyclable.

Plastic Packaging:

  • Used at a minimum and recyclable. We are also so conscious of contributing to land fill that we keep all plastic packaging and bubble wrap for reuse in shipping where possible.

These are just a few of the ways in which we are taking accountability but we are always open to being informed of where we can do better and value the feedback of our customers. So please don't hesitate to fill out that "contact us" form.