Handmade With Love

In the Adelaide Hills

About Little Geraldine


Natalie is the Founder, Designer, Administrator and everything else for Little Geraldine. Little Geraldine started as an endeavour to be mindful of, and find joy in the little things in life when it is so easy to become overwhelmed with events outside of our control. Nat was sitting in her home office working on her day job as an Interior Designer, contemplating the realities of being caged in her home for the foreseeable future due to a pandemic that didn't seem to be letting up. Like many people, she was brainstorming ways to improve her environment; whether it be hanging more pictures, painting a wall, or adopting more indoor plants. The predicament made her realise that getting lost in these thoughts brought her a significant amount of joy and reprieve, and that those little elements in people's surroundings could make such a difference to their wellbeing. 

Of course, she was in an industry where she was already modifying people's surroundings on a larger scale for that sole purpose, but considerably reworking your surroundings wasn't something that was accessible to everyone. Nat started thinking about ways she could provide those moments of joy to a wider audience without it breaking the bank. So, as a consequence of her obsession with buying handmade earrings every time she needed a pick-me-up and her skills as an Interior Designer, Little Geraldine was born. 

Natalie has now become accustomed to being called Geraldine, something she probably should have seen coming when she developed the business name. However, "Little Geraldine" is a derivation from appreciating the "little" things in life, and a nod to her late Oma's favourite plant (the Geraldton Wax) which she has in abundance in her front yard. 

Nat is usually accompanied at markets by her partner, child and dog. Please feel free to come up and give Dougie the Doggy and Scout the Cavoodle a pat, they're both obsessed with everyone.