All of the earrings on this page are handmade, designs are produced using a concept sketch and digital detail refining process. Prototypes are made and tested before the final product is cut by our trusty laser cutter. After which items are hand cleaned, assembled, glued and hand carded before being made available for purchase. Each item is individually inspected to ensure they are of the highest quality. No mass production here, and these designs are exclusive to Little Geraldine (not to be seen anywhere else). 

We always prioritise supporting Australian businesses where possible, although do source most of our metals from overseas. All other items we source from within Australia, including packaging, acrylics, timbers, glues, paints and resins.

You can see a list of our stockists here and also keep up to date with future markets by visiting here

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Please be gentle with your Little G purchase. Every effort is made to ensure that earring posts are securely attached, however, dropping your earrings may result in the posts falling off. Mirror acrylic will need to be treated with particular care to reduce scratching, so we recommend keeping them away from other pointy stud backs or storing them too closely with other earrings to reduce rubbing. 

Gold plated materials should be treated with care, too much rubbing may result in a dulling of the finish and this can not be undone. Please keep gold plated materials away from high moisture areas such as bathrooms. Tarnishing may occur on gold plated materials but should still last a couple of years if taken care of. If you find that your gold plated materials tarnish sooner than anticipated, please get in touch. 

To clean acrylic earrings, a soft lens cleaning cloth can be used to remove finger prints, for a more thorough clean and to improve lustre where the material is etched, we recommend a baby wipe that contains no alcohol. 

To clean timber earrings, wipe with a dry, micro-fibre cloth or brush with a soft toothbrush/clean makeup brush. Do not use wet cleaning substances on timber as this may result in splintering or warping of the material. 

For all earrings, limit contact with perfumes, makeup, moisturiser or hairspray to avoid dulling. 


DO NOT use alcohol on your earrings, this will result in cracking of the material and is not repairable. 

Most importantly, if you have any issues with your item upon receipt, please let us know. We're always happy to sort out a resolution that won't leave you out of pocket.

All of our base metals are listed underneath each listing, all are base stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic, except for a small selection of huggies. We are always looking to expand our offerings so that everyone can be included in the fun. We have a small selection of Stirling silver components that can be made to order. So if you have particular sensitivities, please get in touch so that we can work something out.

Just send us an email and let us know that you've added something to your order after purchase and we will refund your shipping on the second order. Please note that this is only possible if we have not already packaged and/posted your original order and can not guarantee combined shipping if this is the case. So please let us know ASAP. 

Yes! Get in touch and let us know what you're thinking. It can be as small as changing a material colour or as big as doing a custom design from scratch! If you see that material on our website then it's highly likely we can do it for you! 

The stock we have listed is what is already made and ready to ship. If you're after a larger quantity let us know. Chances are we'll be able to make them up for you, but there will usually be a short wait time.  

We admit that our restocking can be sporadic as we try and fit the business in around our hectic lives and taking care of a little one. So we've found we're unable to commit to full restock or new release dates. It's best for you to sign up to our mailing list or instagram/facebookfor the latest updates.

However, if you're keen for a particular pair of earrings that isn't listed as in stock, just get in touch, because we can most likely make it for you anyway.

All of our earring posts are surgical grade stainless steel and have a comfort backing (we prefer this style of backing as it holds the post to your lobe more securely and neatly). Mini studs come with a plastic stopper rather than the comfort back. However, if you would like a different type of push back, we also have silicone, stainless steel and butterfly push backs available. Just let us know via email. 

Hoops are made from surgical grade stainless steel, gold coloured hoops have a gold plating. 

Huggies are brass with a gold or silver plating. However, we have stainless steel options in stock so just get in touch.

We love a good chat, so please feel free to let us know if you've got any more questions via our contact form or DM us on Instagram.

Gift card values do not expire and are valid for use at www.littlegeraldine.com.au only. Our gift cards are non-transferrable, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. Gift cards are not to be used for the purchase of other gift cards.